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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the most successful skin rejuvenation methods. It is prepared from a small amount of blood extracted from the patient. The blood is then spun using a device that has been specifically designed for this purpose. The end product PRP contains a high concentration of platelets. It is then injected in the skin of the same patient using a fine needle. The entire process takes about an hour and it is carried out under strict hygiene measures to avoid the risk of contamination. PRP has been used for decades in multiple specialties to facilitate tissue repair. A large number of scientific research have shown that PRP is extremely safe and with minimal complications because we use the patient’s own plasma.

Platelets contain a great variety of growth factors that promote the recruitment of stem cells and facilitates natural tissue repair. The trauma of tiny blood vessels at the time of the injection begins a natural cascade of events provoking skin rejuvenation. PRP increases collagen production, stimulate cell replication and improves blood supply in the injected areas.

The result is natural skin rejuvenation. Although the phases of collagen production and healing take months, you can expect to see an improvement of the skin texture and tone in a few weeks. After the treatment the patients often say their skin has a “glow” in addition to appear soft and healthy like “baby skin”. PRP is minimally invasive and the cosmetic benefits are accumulative. The results vary from person to person depending on age, health of skin, environmental factors and skin care habits. PRP can also be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as fillers or microneedling for an enhanced effect.

PRP is widely used in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In cosmetology it can be used to reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars, acne marks, and stretch marks. It is also frequently used to stop hair loss in men and women.

Platelets Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a newer generation of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). PRF is also obtained from the patient’s blood. The treatment is 100% natural and uses the benefits of the patient’s own platelets.
Platelets are circulating cells in our blood know to help with coagulation. Platelets also contain “Growth Factors” which are naturally occurring substances capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and cellular differentiation. The increased amount of growth factor in the PRF concentrate activates mesenchymal stem-cells and fibroblast to produce more collagen on the injection site. The growth factors will also promote angiogenesis and more blood vessel will be created.
The locally enhanced circulation, increased oxygen, and more nutrients will promote a natural skin rejuvenation. The full process will take a few months before the results can be appreciated.
The new cells and collagen produced during this time will make the skin look younger, better hydrated and with more elasticity. We could use PRF to stop hair loss, improve dark circles, decrease wrinkles and lighten dark spots on the skin.