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Botox® is a protein extracted from a bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. After a long purification process, the scientist have created a product that is save to use in humans. Botox® has several medical indications.

In cosmetology Botox® is used to erase wrinkles on the face. The product is injected in small doses and acts relaxing the microscopic superficial muscles of the skin. This is how wrinkles disappear. The treatment is very effective and reliable. The effect usually lasts up to 3 months.

Using an appropriate technique, the risks are minimal. Botox® may cause a small bruise or swelling at the injection site, also there is the rare possibility of causing temporary paralysis of the eye muscles when injected very close to them. That is why Botox® can only be injected by physicians or a trained nurse or physician assistant supervised by a physician.

In our clinic Dr. Vizcarra uses Botox® to erase wrinkles on the forehead and next to the eyes “Crow’s feet”. The quantity of the product that will be used is discussed at the moment of a free initial evaluation.